New to the Forums? Introduce Yourself Here!


It would be interesting to see just how diverse our Zcoin community is!

I’ll get the ball rolling :smile:

Hi, I’m Michael “Muggles” from Joburg, South Africa. I’ve been following crypto passionately since 2013. I strongly believe in the importance of privacy and that search lead me to Zcoin. I’ve been actively following the project and trying to get involved whenever possible.

I’m the Zcoin Ambassador for Joburg, and joined the team as Community Manager at the end of 2018.


First reply woot! (Nice to meet you Muggles!)

I go by the name Toon, I’ve been involved in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency since 2013. When I found out that Bitcoin wasn’t as private as I originally thought, I started investigating which crypto was the most anonymous and I settled upon Zcoin as being the most anonymous coin.

I’m looking forward to this community and technology growing over the years.


yo, first touch in Zcoin community
no reason for me to introduce myself, because zcoin is a coin privacy, obviously I have been in Cryptocurrency for 7 years ago. Greetings for Zoin yaps


Hey guys, riordant here, Dev for Zcoin.


Joachim Noble (Zcoin Ambassador for Nigeria) Good to be here.


Hello! I’m Leon from Malaysia :slight_smile:
Glad to be in Zcoin forum!


Hello! I’m Junior from Brasil :sunglasses::brazil:


Welcome Toon! Glad to have you onboard!


Nice to have representation from Latin America!


Nice of you to drop by in any case! We look forward to hearing more from you!


I live in Brazil, in a region near Sao Paulo, I know criptomoeda since 2015, at the end of the year I with my friend an started a exchange that unfortunately we can not keep the exchange open, I’m with Zcoin a little over 1 year believing in your long-term potential …
I sorry my bad English


Welcome specter! We hope to reach out to the Brazilian community soon!