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Development/Community fund percentage after Block halving

Currently Zcoin is set to undergo it’s first block halving in 2020. This also means that officially, Founder’s Rewards and Dev Fund ends. If we do nothing, the block reward will be distributed as: 70% Miners 30% Znod…

29 January 24, 2020
Should we change PoW algorithm?

While MTP has served its purpose, it has a lot of flaws. It is first of all an immense bandwidth hog as the 200 kB proof needs to be sent with every share. It also consumes a lot of space on the blockchain as the 200 k…

31 January 24, 2020
Zcoin Governance and Development past 4 years

Zcoin is now more than 2 years old! So much time has passed but it does mean that Founder’s Rewards and Dev Fund (a combined total of 14%) will be ending in slightly less than 2 years time. Although we still have some w…

83 January 23, 2020
Welcome to the Zcoin Forum! 1 January 16, 2019
Zcoin Development Update 24 January 2020 1 January 24, 2020
The ZCS ( initiative to fund the addition of coin control to Zcoin's new rich GUI client is coming along nicely. Here's a sneak peek! 1 January 24, 2020
We take a look at what Zcoin has achieved in 2019 from our Sigma privacy protocol going live, Lelantus, our growing community, tons of exchange listings, partnerships and even charity work! 2 January 21, 2020
Top 3 Ways To Earn Passive Income with Cryptocurrency in 2019 (Zcoin mentioned) 1 July 22, 2019
Watch Cryptoramble interview Zcoin's Project Steward on his views on privacy and how it should be framed with the right narrative, the problem with Bitcoin maximalism and why we should embrace competition in the space to evolve the technology 1 January 18, 2020
A proposal to fund the production of a video on Zcoin's upcoming BIP47 Payments Codes has been approved and has moved to the funding stage
1 January 15, 2020
The Zcoin $XZC core team members and seed investors are happy to complete our commitment to donate 24,000 USD worth of cryptocurrency to Binance Charity Foundation's Lunch for Children project at Jolly Mercy Learning Centre 1 January 15, 2020
Venha participar do Zcoin Portugues 1 January 14, 2020
Last reminder, if you have any unconverted Zerocoins left, the window to convert them to Sigma is ending on block 234200 or roughly January 20th, 20:00 GMT 1 January 14, 2020
Zcoin listada na Exchange 1 January 14, 2020
Two proposals are now in the funding stage and we have received some generous contributions! Help make Zcoin better by contributing! 1 January 13, 2020
Check out Naomi Brockwell's chat with Reuben of Zcoin 1 January 13, 2020
Zcoin is pleased to announce that we will be listed on the Exchange with 4 trading pairs! 🚀 1 January 9, 2020
Rebranding Brainstorming for Zcoin 97 January 5, 2020
Community Sentiment on Znode Collateral 50 January 2, 2020
Limited edition Zcoin branded Satoblades that are made of 100% SAE 304 stainless steel for sale for $69! - shipping included. Proceeds will go to the Zcoin dev fund! Email [email protected] if interested! 1 January 2, 2020
Zcoin v.13.8.10 is out with mnemonic seed phrase backup support, bug fixes and UI improvements! 1 January 2, 2020
New to the Forums? Introduce Yourself Here! 29 January 2, 2020
The Zcoin Master Thread 4 January 2, 2020
Happy New Year to all Zcoiners! Join us in our fight for our right to have control over our own finances. #lelantus #sigma #rap #bip47 #dandelion++ 1 January 1, 2020
New ZCoin Bootstrap 3 December 23, 2019
ZCOIN has been added to COINTOSTAKE.COM 1 December 22, 2019
The Zcoin $XZC Community Meetup is happening now live! We'd love to hear your questions, suggestions and feedback! 3 December 19, 2019
There will be a Ask Me Anything with Zcoin team on the 19th December 4 pm (GMT +8) on our YouTube channel 4 December 19, 2019
Integrating ZCoin into BTCPayServer (ZCS Proposal #2) 1 December 18, 2019
We are happy to announce that Zcoin has been added into Polispay payment platform enabling Prepaid Mastercards and Gift cards! 1 December 17, 2019