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IMPORTANT: Final chance to weigh in on Development/Community funding percentage

We are in need to decide the Development/Community funding percentage ASAP. About a year ago, I started this thread to gauge sentiment for Zcoin development funding after block halving. As we approach the halving date, …

15 March 29, 2020
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Thanks to everyone who attended our 4th Zcoin Community Meeting today! 3 April 1, 2020
The fourth Zcoin Community Meeting has been scheduled for 28th March 11 AM (GMT +8) 2 March 19, 2020
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Development/Community fund percentage after Block halving 41 March 9, 2020
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Community market making is live! Help bolster Zcoin's liquidity on Binance with the ongoing Hummingbot Liquidity Mining campaign! 1 March 3, 2020
Zcoin Development Update 1 March 2020 1 March 1, 2020
Zcoin has been listed on BitZ with a USDT pair 1 February 28, 2020
BiKi is having a competition- Deposit XZC and stand chance to win! 1 February 27, 2020
Watch Reuben Yap getting interviewed by BiKi on Zcoin's plans for 2020 and our upcoming privacy protocol Lelantus 1 February 26, 2020
Listen to Reuben Yap's interview with Bobby Ong from @coingecko where they discussed Zcoin governance, upcoming community decisions on funding, Lelantus and Zcoin's roadmap for 2020 1 February 25, 2020
New mining pool for MTP - DAPOOL 1 February 20, 2020
The next Zcoin Community meeting has been scheduled for 22nd February 2 pm (GMT +8) 3 February 22, 2020
Thanks to everyone who attended our third Zcoin Community Meeting today! 1 February 22, 2020
Zcoin foi listado na BKEX 1 February 18, 2020
Zcoin has been listed on BKEX with a USDT pair! 1 February 18, 2020
Reuben Yap chats with Jeff Kirdeikis about Libra, the impact of government-issued cryptocurrency on our world today, the battle between regulations and innovation, and the ethos and roadmap ahead for Zcoin 1 February 18, 2020
Catch Reuben Yap, Zcoin's Project Steward, talk on privacy and why you should care on the Grey Ave Podcast 1 February 14, 2020
We are pleased to be listed on a US licensed exchange with a BTC pair and our first USDC pairing! 1 February 13, 2020
Sandra introduces the Zcoin Crowdfunding System (ZCS) and gives a quick overview of ongoing ZCS projects! 2 February 12, 2020
Zcoin's role in the 2018 Thai Democrat Party Elections featured on BBC News as one of the few real life applications of blockchain technology 1 February 12, 2020
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