Rebranding Brainstorming for Zcoin


There’s already a coin sigmacoin (SIGMA) … and we’ll be back into confusion like we have between zcoin and zcash with sigma and zigma …

Gee … how about Zcoin (XZC) … … :grin:


There are definitely interesting ideas. I think I have to agree with Zed, is re-branding really necessary? If not, stick with Zcoin. Zcoin IMO denotes monetary coinage and seems most appropriate for fungible cryptocurrency. As much I like the name Zcoin, it doesn’t stop me sometimes from saying Zcash referencing Zcoin aloud. Not sure why, probably cause they sound almost similar. I don’t know, it’s probably just me.

That being said, Zcred has a kind of ring to it. ‘‘Zcred ’’ (short for Zero-Knowledge Credit perhaps?) sounds distinctly different from ‘‘ZeeCash’’. Zcred on the plus side can still make use of the XZC ticker symbol. Just one more idea to throw into the hat.


I was thinking rebranding into a generic name like what Dash did. They went from dark coin to Dash. Their marketing is welcoming, none of that dark, secretive vibe. A name that’s easy to understand by the masses.
If a cashier ask you how would like to pay for it, you don’t wanna say, darkcoin, phantom, or zbit. That’ll freak people out. We need something that’s the opposite of that. Ultimately we want to mass adoption and branding is extremely important. Easily accepted by the masses.
Honestly, darkcoin rebranded and it is a good choice. We need people to refer crypto as digital cash. Not credit or debit or checks.
How about “VCash” or “VCash”?
V stands for virtual. So virtual currency. People know what cash is. With the V, people can easily refer it to virtual cash. And it’s generic enough for people to remember and not be freaked out by the name.
The average grandma won’t know what you are talking about if you say darkcoin or bytecoin. Etc.
People have a easier saying Dash than Pivx or some other coin.
If you in front of a cashier and she asks you how would like to pay for it?
If you say “vcash”, people behind you might think what it stands for. “oh vcash, probably digital cash or crypto”


dash also is not private anymore
I mean just remove the privacy and introduce mandatory KYC at the wallet level
that will surely appease the masses


This is just name rebranding. Has nothing to do with how they operate. You can have a mass appealing and keep the privacy aspect.


Re-branding to Vcash still wouldn’t fix the biggest complaint that people have with Zcoin … being confused with Zcash … it would actually make it worse … keep trying guys … or stick with Zcoin.


Zebaro coin (XZC), maybe?

Not necessary to use “coin” for more than explanation, and Zebaro for the “branding”. And you still have the possibility to keep the ticker “XZC” if you want to.

Just a few thoughts here that I would like to share with you. I think there are some great points with keeping the “coin” in the name, whatever it is “Zebaro” coin or something else. Although there are possibly less good points as well. One positive thing is the connection to the other coins who use the word coin in their name as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin etc. (Also the letter thing, Bitcoin has B, Litecoin has L, Dogecoin has D.) The word “coin” is also something concrete and nothing abstract. I believe that people can grasp and relate to conrete things easier and everybody (at least with knowledge in the English language) understands what “coin” is and what it does, and can possibly relate that to the word cryptocurrency as well. There are ofc other concrete words as well, not to forget bits, dogs, cash, dragons and komodos.

Also there might be psychological aspects to take in consideration as well, is the name symmetrical, short or long, how does it sound, feminine or masculine? How does it work in different languages like Thai? I’m no expert in these things. I took the word dinero for money and did put a “z” there and somehow it turned to “Zebaro”. Slightly reminds me of Monero, and of Zebras :slight_smile: Nothing wrong with that, Zebracoin would sound a bit jokey though of course. Apparently “Zeb” is a name and stands for a few different things, not sure it is something that can be related to.



Zebalo is another option.


PrivyPay (PIP) or just Privy (PVY)

I like the use of “pay” for things the general public will use for daily transactions ie PayPal, AfterPay, ApplePay, SamsungPay.

Theres a reason these massive companies spent millions for PR companies to come up with branding the average lay person can understand and get excited about.


The people who gets confused are probably those new to cryptomarket. For mass market, people will have easier time to understand what vcash is as compared to zcash. It’s easier to market vcash as virtual money.
Zcoin could be rebranded as some weird, abstract name, but I doubt it will have appeal. Branding and packaging plays a big role. We need to rebrand because we are doing away zero coin. Makes no sense to keep the same zcoin name. We need to change to adapt.
I keep referring back to Dash as an example because they made the right choice to rebrand. At this point no one cares about its history. They are further ahead than we are. And Dash’s development and community growth and maturity is where we need to be.
Zcoin need a fresh start.



Zao coin will be able to:
ZaoMint / ZaoMints

“I would like to pay in Zao. “
Zao has asian characteristics in its name and could probably garner attention from the asian audience especially the chinese for example. The use of the word “Zao” in the asian language could be easily spoken by native asians which could make a great impact when it comes to adoption. “Zao” is similar in pronounciation to “Bao” which means bread in chinese for example.

We can keep the Z logo and maybe brainstorm to have different color alternatives that the community agree on. I am definitely fine with the logo the way it is, just an idea.


Σgis (Aegis)
the nerd coin
makes total sense, DO IT


A little bit of feedback on some of the suggestions …
I sorta liked Zebaro … in a Bazarro sort of way … but there’s no good reason to like it … and there’s already a Zebpay exchange … and Zebracoin would sound a little bit silly-ish.
Privypay … may have a negative connotation (it can mean private secret information, but a privy can also mean a back-yard toilet) - also similar coins are: Privcy (PRIV) … also … Zpay might work (Keeping the Z for zero-knowledge-proof) … and using pay for the reasons Fudge gave (paypal etc.)
I actually liked Zao … until I google-searched-it …
in Serbo-Croatian it can mean - evil, malicious, bad, mean, wicked …
in Greek it means to live or breath (that one’s not bad) …
and in Mandarin … depending on the pronunciation … it can have a dozen different meanings … morning, to make something … etc, etc.
Zao is the name of a metalcore band in the US, and also a progressive-rock band in France, as well as a villain in the James Bond movie ‘Die Another Day’.
So … obviously someone would need to do a lot of research so you don’t re-brand Zcoin into something that part of the world will either be afraid of, or be confused with.
Also - similar coin names are: Zixx (XZX) and Zio (ZIO) … which may cause some potential confusion there as well.
Or … there’s always Zcoin … … … :grin:


Zpay doesn’t sound bad. Just that we are getting rid of zero coin soon. And people might think of zerocoin or sneer knowledge. Also zcoin is not a payment system. It’s currency.


My personal thought process now is to go something beginning with E so that we can use the Sigma logo that can still retain a connection to the Zcoin logo.

So for example:
Σgis (alternate spelling for Aegis that means shield)

I definitely want to move away from the ‘coin’ or ‘cash’ name.

The name should be friendly and not be ‘dark’ as we don’t want to paint privacy as a bad thing. Dash’s rebrand from Darkcoin is an excellent example of this.


Aegis kinda goes nicely with Lelantus!

I love the logo as well. Makes a nice link between Zcoin and Aegis/Σgis


Σgis .
I liked the name.


“Σ” hard to type on keyboard.


Some feedback on E-names …

Egis sounds good … you could incorporate a shield into the website somehow as well to connect the two.
Ergo is already taken … and ergo you can’t use it …
Emerge is good … but sounds like things are just starting to emerge and the coin is well along the way …
Engage sounds good - and may play well with other integration options in the real world.
Eon is good … but implies a long time (eons) …

One concern about using the sigma logo are:
What happens if you want to switch to a different protocol in the future … same problem as switching from Zerocoin, but if sigma is here to stay then that isn’t an issue.

The sigma logo looks good, and transitions well from the ‘Z’
(you could have the website morph from one to the other when you switch names).

I think you need to think about how the name will work with any connections and uses in the real world
(I’d like to pay with Egis … or I’d like to Engage in a transaction, … etc.)

Other suggestions (starting with E):
Earth (can you dig it??)
Egalitarian (a little bit long … but appropriate) - could be Egal for short.


I’m against this. A Sigma just isn’t an E