Rebranding Brainstorming for Zcoin


Here is my few hours of brainstorming and play:

7 letter word - too long (SCORPIO)
6 letter word has to be something everybody knows how to spell in different cultures (MOSAIC)
5 letter word has to be something very obvious an existing (CITRON)
4 letter word is ideas length GOLD-literally :slight_smile:

Starting with the existing ticker XZC here is list of short candidates

Missing X:

missing Z:

missing C:

missing XZC

including S for Sigma:
STYX (greek river)

Lelantus inspiration:
TESLA - just kidding!

*- coins like that already exists :frowning:
Have a fun yourself at

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SEAC = South East Asia Coin. I think we need to focus on conquering this location first before world domination and as we were born here why not honour our roots?
I think almost every decent coin that has changed names has had a dramatic price increase - dash, nano, zencash etc. but most don’t sustain it long so make sure there is something behind the rebranding if the team go that way. cheers.

vcash is the name of a failed currency from a year or so ago so thats bad karma wink:

Oh so it’s a name available then. Good.

Based on Reuben’s scope, I think the name should be Echo. In much the same way that Zcoin endeavors to obscure the transfer of value, the origins of an echo can be difficult to determine however at the same time you are certain something was spoken - thus hinting at the ability to audit the supply. Echo also comes from Greek mythology, whereby she was cursed to never speak except to repeat the words of others. Once again this also hints at the ability to obscure the identity of the original messenger.

Furthermore, I like that we are moving away from Zcoin as it is too similar to other projects such as Zclassic and Zcash. We need our own identity!


+1 for Echo, sounds great, not yet taken in the crypto space.


I’m not sure if the rebranding is needed. But I really don’t like the idea to use the sigma letter, I think this would be the end of this coin. I actually like Zcoin name but it’s true is confusing with Zcash, maybe it’s not that bad neither, you can get some attention this way too.

I would stay with this name at least for now. In any case, always stay with the letter Z.

What about “Zapper”? Sound good to me for a privacy coin.

And well if you really like Sigma, what about “Zigma”? :smiley:

I’m good with Echo. It’s generic enough, not a weird name or too out there. If we change the name might as well change the color theme. Blue to light blue seems good for the name Echo.
On second thought maybe not. People won’t know what echo means. Dash, digital cash. That’s easy to understand. Zcoin probably better, as people understand faster that’s its crypto than the name Echo. And by people I mean those new to the market. Or the people who are unbanked.

Get a rapper or someone to help us rebrand. REbranding is all about the emotional side of things. No point in asking a bunch of crypto geeks or software engineers to brand it. Ask the coolest guy you know, he doesn’t have to be that bright, and get his opinion on whatever name you give him… THe dumber the better imo.

You guys are so smart, but 99% of the people out there are not as sophisticated and thats how they end up buying Verge or something. Best not to ask an Asian person since it can’t be too logical. Need to ask like a rapper or movie person what name sounds Gucci.

I also like the name Echo… no one knows the source of the or the transactions bounce around an empty cave.


Keep the suggestions coming!

Given the upcoming Sigma release, it would be too rushed to go for a total rebrand as this thing takes time and money. We had gotten a reasonable quotation from a firm to assist us with coming up with a new name but upon engaging them they pulled out due to ‘other commitments’. We’re currently looking for alternatives.

This is not to say we are discarding what we have here and we are using it as a base:

These were some of the things we sent to the agency for background:

Key Things we want:

  • Not associated to dark/negative things (veil, mask, shroud)
  • Does not confuse us with our competition
  • SEO friendly and a domain that is not too expensive
  • Would be nice to retain some of the old identity if possible (reusing the Z for e.g.) or playing around with Σ (Sigma) (not mandatory) but retaining the Z makes it very easy for rebranding
  • Does not have the word coin/cash/zero in it.
  • Friendly with main stream appeal

What Zcoin does

  • Financial privacy on the blockchain (private money)
  • Does this using something called zero knowledge proofs (proving something without giving any other information). For e.g. proving you know a password without showing the password.
  • Allows you to destroy your coins and then redeem them for new ones with no previous transaction history.
  • Shedding off the baggage/taint of previous coins which contains your information and for clean brand new ones.
  • Independence and liberty from traditional finance systems and oppressive governments
  • Frictionless global payments
  • Our trading ticker is XZC
  • We previously used a protocol called Zerocoin. Our upcoming protocol is called Sigma and then after that it’s called Lelantus (which builds on Sigma). Lelantus is the Greek Titan God of the unseen.


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I strongly believe that rebranding is a bad, bad idea!

you are going to loose your SEO efforts, will need to change domains (with various phishing risks involved), will need to build the new name… Ah all that is absolutely insane!

Some ideas related to previous suggestions:

  1. Dash became popular not because of name change, but for being the early bird. And yes, that had a need, since they had Dark in their name. It’s like naming it a KillerCoin or something that bad.
  2. I understand you might like a Sigma sign, but how are you going to type it? And E is not a sigma, thus having a name starting wit E doesn’t really make any sense.
  3. Other names, I read that and all of them (sorry guys) just don’t sound!

Please, keep the Zcoin! Let’s make a vote deciding whenever we really need that rebranding. I’m strongly against it, a waste of time, resources, established brand!


If you seriously have no option to keep the current name, the only thing I may suggest (and I already did so on telegram) is to rename it to one character “Z”. Keep the logo. Or keep the name as Zcoin, but change a ticker name to “Z”.

XZC ticker, that one I didn’t really get, where the X came from. Should it have been ZC or better Z.
Having 1 character as the name is a luxury that not so many may afford to have.

With all being said, Zcoin is honestly the best name possible!


Finally, instead of wasting resources on re-branding (that will cost a lot), try getting listed on Kraken.

Zcash is already there long time ago, and I hope to see Zcoin there some day soon!

We could change to BitcoinZ.



Zeno Coin or Zeno Cash

Similar to Zcoin but just enough difference from others to stamp out our identity.

Word Zeno comes from

Zeno was first STOIC philosopher.

What is that?

You will notice some similarities to what we believe Crypto should be. Such as working together and treating others fairly and justly. This is what our coin brings the world, no unjust governmental control!

I propose: Yap

based of the story here of the Yap tribe that used Rai stones as money:

From a marketing perspective, it meets a lot of marks:

  1. easy to say / pronounce
  2. has the background story of the Yap tribe/Rai stones
  3. Helps that a large portion of team has last name Yap - build a CULT of PERSONALITY to help market
  4. “Pay” backwards is “Yap” - easy to say, “let me pay you 5 yaps”
  5. Can be used in day to day conversation - family friendly and mainstream appeal in multiple languages
  6. Ticker: YAP
  7. Ynodes instead of Znodes
  8. allows us to build a cult of personality.
  9. easy enough for Kids to say - we market to kids, and the future generation only knows about yapping money
  10. users of Yap can be called Yappies. slogan: “Be a Yappie, become Happy”
  11. Can try to get the Yap State of Micronesia to adopt XZC and use it as a PR stunt. will be impressive to US/Euro investors and they will try money at this project

similar to how the Satoshi is an amount of bitcoin, i propose that an “Insom” be a unit of XZC

Marketing is about coming up with stories. For people to believe that this is money, we must come up with the mythology and the story behind it. That is why the Yap tribe is so important here.

Zbits imo is the next logical choice if the team decides to rebrand. Most transactions will be in fractions. On the plus side saying Zbits aloud doesn’t sound awkward.

Here’s several more ideas:

Sparc (pronounced “Spark”)
Ticker: ARC




Given the suggested names I suspect that either @Kenshin, @Muggles or @reuben is playing Dota 2. :sunglasses:

In my opinion a perfect match would be INVIS since it covers: transparency, anonymity and privacy by default and you could use an invisible logo for the millennials too.