Rebranding Brainstorming for Zcoin


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I strongly believe that rebranding is a bad, bad idea!

you are going to loose your SEO efforts, will need to change domains (with various phishing risks involved), will need to build the new name… Ah all that is absolutely insane!

Some ideas related to previous suggestions:

  1. Dash became popular not because of name change, but for being the early bird. And yes, that had a need, since they had Dark in their name. It’s like naming it a KillerCoin or something that bad.
  2. I understand you might like a Sigma sign, but how are you going to type it? And E is not a sigma, thus having a name starting wit E doesn’t really make any sense.
  3. Other names, I read that and all of them (sorry guys) just don’t sound!

Please, keep the Zcoin! Let’s make a vote deciding whenever we really need that rebranding. I’m strongly against it, a waste of time, resources, established brand!


If you seriously have no option to keep the current name, the only thing I may suggest (and I already did so on telegram) is to rename it to one character “Z”. Keep the logo. Or keep the name as Zcoin, but change a ticker name to “Z”.

XZC ticker, that one I didn’t really get, where the X came from. Should it have been ZC or better Z.
Having 1 character as the name is a luxury that not so many may afford to have.

With all being said, Zcoin is honestly the best name possible!


Finally, instead of wasting resources on re-branding (that will cost a lot), try getting listed on Kraken.

Zcash is already there long time ago, and I hope to see Zcoin there some day soon!

We could change to BitcoinZ.



Zeno Coin or Zeno Cash

Similar to Zcoin but just enough difference from others to stamp out our identity.

Word Zeno comes from

Zeno was first STOIC philosopher.

What is that?

You will notice some similarities to what we believe Crypto should be. Such as working together and treating others fairly and justly. This is what our coin brings the world, no unjust governmental control!

I propose: Yap

based of the story here of the Yap tribe that used Rai stones as money:

From a marketing perspective, it meets a lot of marks:

  1. easy to say / pronounce
  2. has the background story of the Yap tribe/Rai stones
  3. Helps that a large portion of team has last name Yap - build a CULT of PERSONALITY to help market
  4. “Pay” backwards is “Yap” - easy to say, “let me pay you 5 yaps”
  5. Can be used in day to day conversation - family friendly and mainstream appeal in multiple languages
  6. Ticker: YAP
  7. Ynodes instead of Znodes
  8. allows us to build a cult of personality.
  9. easy enough for Kids to say - we market to kids, and the future generation only knows about yapping money
  10. users of Yap can be called Yappies. slogan: “Be a Yappie, become Happy”
  11. Can try to get the Yap State of Micronesia to adopt XZC and use it as a PR stunt. will be impressive to US/Euro investors and they will try money at this project

similar to how the Satoshi is an amount of bitcoin, i propose that an “Insom” be a unit of XZC

Marketing is about coming up with stories. For people to believe that this is money, we must come up with the mythology and the story behind it. That is why the Yap tribe is so important here.

Zbits imo is the next logical choice if the team decides to rebrand. Most transactions will be in fractions. On the plus side saying Zbits aloud doesn’t sound awkward.

Here’s several more ideas:

Sparc (pronounced “Spark”)
Ticker: ARC




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Given the suggested names I suspect that either @Kenshin, @Muggles or @reuben is playing Dota 2. :sunglasses:

In my opinion a perfect match would be INVIS since it covers: transparency, anonymity and privacy by default and you could use an invisible logo for the millennials too.

I’d say keep zcoin name.


I really believe Zcoin should not rebrand. A few thing to do;
-Stop mentioning/writing ZeroCoin. Remove it from the website so it gets forgotten.
-Get professional help with Branding and PR.

Zcoin and Zcash confusion is only a PR problem. It can be solved without changing the name.

I pronounce it zed coin. Would it be better or worse as the Americans say it, zee coin?
What would PR say?

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I really like Zbits. Sounds like a nice, modern lightweight currency which is the appearance that Zcoin should give off.

Maybe something even more generic like just ‘Bits’ or ‘Credits’ would be cool.


In my experience from representing Zcoin at conferences and events, it is imperative that we move away from the name. Unfamiliar people always assume we are some fork or clone of Zcash, due to their dominance this is something that in my opinion is not going to ever go away. And as already mentioned, we will soon have nothing in the protocol related to Zerocoin (once the Zerocoin -> Sigma remint window closes), and so the name actually wouldn’t make much sense. I also believe that there should be no “Z” in the name at all.


Quick update on this, we should have some professional suggestions by Tuesday.


I’ve read through the suggestions, my favorites are Mint and Echo (I really like Mint), as they both help describe the technology.
I’ll also suggest Zed, which I stole from seeing the username Zed.

Mint is nice, but it’s already a name for an large Linux distro.

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@Muggles That’s a good thing to note, but I don’t think it’s a problem. Linux Mint isn’t going to create a cryptocurrency and “Zcoin” isn’t going to create a Linux distribution. It’s kind of like how Apple Music and Apple Computers co-existed for so long.
As long as we “stay in our lane,” there shouldn’t be an issue.

It all depends on the people, if the topic comes up to them, then everything will be fine, for example, if you do different things, As in games, give all sorts of “goodies”, in general, encourage people)
Sorry for my english

MINT looks nice to me.

even with Linux Mint already taken. It’s two differents things so why not?

Reuben told us they were professionnal proposition a month ago, hope they 've come with some great branding ideas.

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These buns are very good for people, but for small companies, for example, these are unnecessary costs, and for them it is not an option.