Zcoin Improvement Proposals

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Development/Community fund percentage after Block halving

Currently Zcoin is set to undergo it’s first block halving in 2020. This also means that officially, Founder’s Rewards and Dev Fund ends. If we do nothing, the block reward will be distributed as: 70% Miners 30% Znod…

32 February 20, 2020
Should we change PoW algorithm?

While MTP has served its purpose, it has a lot of flaws. It is first of all an immense bandwidth hog as the 200 kB proof needs to be sent with every share. It also consumes a lot of space on the blockchain as the 200 k…

77 February 14, 2020
Zcoin Governance and Development past 4 years

Zcoin is now more than 2 years old! So much time has passed but it does mean that Founder’s Rewards and Dev Fund (a combined total of 14%) will be ending in slightly less than 2 years time. Although we still have some w…

73 January 23, 2020
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