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About the General category 1 January 18, 2019
Zcoin's $XZC Lelantus paper was accepted to be presented by Aram Jivanyan at the prestigious Crypto Economics Security Conference (CESC) 1 September 6, 2019
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Monthly Johannesburg Zcoin Meetups 2 August 14, 2019
Over 30,000 XZC has been minted through Sigma! 1 August 1, 2019
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An introduction to Zcoin $XZC, why privacy on the blockchain is important and a showcase of the technology we use to solve it. (Video) 1 July 17, 2019
Zcoin's privacy comparison post has been updated to include Sigma and Letantus 1 July 16, 2019
Our new privacy protocol, Sigma is set to be released very soon! Learn more about Sigma and why it presents such an important innovation in enabling zkp privacy without the need for trusted setup or experimental cryptography 1 July 9, 2019
Zcoin is happy to contribute to helping young women in Africa meet their menstrual needs as part of the #PinkCareToken alliance with BinanceBCF 1 July 6, 2019
Escaping an armed attacker, privacy coins are like sniffing farts, elections on the blockchain and more don't miss this awesome story from Reuben YAP COO of Zcoin on Crypto Beadles 2 July 5, 2019
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