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Version v0.13.8.5 has been released! 1 October 30, 2019
Catch Aram Jivanyan at CESC where he will present Zcoin's Lelantus privacy protocol! 1 October 28, 2019
We are happy to be listed on DigiFinex, one of the world's leading exchanges with a BTC and ETH pair 3 October 27, 2019
F2Pool has dropped its fees to 3% PPS for Zcoin's MTP! 😁 1 October 24, 2019
Zcoin is now listed on Probit Exchange with KRW and BTC pairings allowing our South Korean friends to directly buy $XZC! 1 October 24, 2019
Watch Sandra Yap give an update on the highlights around Zcoin from the past month 1 October 19, 2019
Reuben Yap, Zcoin's COO talks about Zcoin's conception, its early difficulties and how Zcoin found a way to not only survive but thrive with a new strong and constant funding model. He also discusses attitudes towards Facebook's Libra 1 October 16, 2019
Who can tell what is happening on our Testnet? 1 October 16, 2019
On Friday, Oct. 11 at 4 p.m. GMT+3, ChangeNOW will be hosting a video AMA with the Zcoin's COO, Reuben Yap 1 October 10, 2019
Zcoin’s next gen privacy protocol Lelantus, has been updated to enable direct untraceable anonymous payments which hides sender, recipient, and value, only showing that a valid transaction has happened 1 October 3, 2019
You can now use Zcoin $XZC to buy gift cards from over 100 top brands 1 September 30, 2019
Happy 3rd birthday Zcoin! 1 September 28, 2019
Reuben Yap, COO at Zcoin will be speaking at 'The Capital’ by CoinMarketCap on 12-13 November 2019, in Singapore! 1 September 27, 2019
Zcoin joins forces with making them our official travel partner! 1 September 26, 2019
Reuben Yap, Zcoin's COO will be giving at a talk at CoinDesk's Invest: Asia 2019 in Singapore 5 September 16, 2019
V0.13.8.4 has been released 2 September 10, 2019
Zcoin has been listed on OVEX with South African Rand (ZAR) Pairing 2 August 30, 2019
Messari to host Zcoin AMA with COO Reuben Yap 1 August 28, 2019
Zcoin has been listed on VCC Exchange in Vietnam 1 August 23, 2019
Zcoin is now spendable nationwide at over 5 million merchants in Thailand! 2 August 15, 2019
Zcoin $XZC is now accepted at MCM Marketplace! Hundreds of items for sale or setup your own store to sell goods for Zcoin 1 August 15, 2019
The more people mint, the stronger the privacy of the overall system. Please consider minting some (or all?) of your coins and help grow Zcoin's anonymity set! 🙏 1 August 14, 2019
We are happy to have met Huobi's USDT listing standards and the XZC/USDT pairing will be available on Huobi Global at 15:00 on August 9, 2019 (GMT+8) 1 August 8, 2019
Version is out! 1 August 7, 2019
Mint, Spend, Repeat! Zcoin will be supported on the ELLIPAL Titan hardware wallet! 1 August 1, 2019
New official Nvidia MTP miner out 1 July 31, 2019
We are happy to announce that Zcoin $XZC has completed its Sigma privacy upgrade successfully! 1 July 30, 2019
Cryptofacil now accepts deposits in Zcoin! 1 July 29, 2019
We are happy to have another excellent option for merchants to accept Zcoin $XZC via NowPayments! 1 July 26, 2019
Meet Reuben and Aram who will be presenting at Defcon 2019 1 July 26, 2019