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About the Announcements category 1 January 16, 2019
Thanks to everyone who attended our 4th Zcoin Community Meeting today! 3 April 1, 2020
The fourth Zcoin Community Meeting has been scheduled for 28th March 11 AM (GMT +8) 2 March 19, 2020
Community market making is live! Help bolster Zcoin's liquidity on Binance with the ongoing Hummingbot Liquidity Mining campaign! 1 March 3, 2020
Zcoin has been listed on BitZ with a USDT pair 1 February 28, 2020
New mining pool for MTP - DAPOOL 1 February 20, 2020
The next Zcoin Community meeting has been scheduled for 22nd February 2 pm (GMT +8) 3 February 22, 2020
Thanks to everyone who attended our third Zcoin Community Meeting today! 1 February 22, 2020
We are pleased to be listed on a US licensed exchange with a BTC pair and our first USDC pairing! 1 February 13, 2020
Zcoin’s $XZC liquidity partner Hummingbot has launched their Liquidity Mining Open Beta today! 1 February 4, 2020
Zcoin $XZC has been listed on with a USDT pair! 1 February 3, 2020
Zcoin Community meeting on the 1st February 4 pm (GMT +8) 2 February 1, 2020
Watch Cryptoramble interview Zcoin's Project Steward on his views on privacy and how it should be framed with the right narrative, the problem with Bitcoin maximalism and why we should embrace competition in the space to evolve the technology 1 January 18, 2020
Last reminder, if you have any unconverted Zerocoins left, the window to convert them to Sigma is ending on block 234200 or roughly January 20th, 20:00 GMT 1 January 14, 2020
Zcoin is pleased to announce that we will be listed on the Exchange with 4 trading pairs! 🚀 1 January 9, 2020
Limited edition Zcoin branded Satoblades that are made of 100% SAE 304 stainless steel for sale for $69! - shipping included. Proceeds will go to the Zcoin dev fund! Email [email protected] if interested! 1 January 2, 2020
Zcoin v.13.8.10 is out with mnemonic seed phrase backup support, bug fixes and UI improvements! 1 January 2, 2020
There will be a Ask Me Anything with Zcoin team on the 19th December 4 pm (GMT +8) on our YouTube channel 4 December 19, 2019
We are happy to announce that Zcoin has been added into Polispay payment platform enabling Prepaid Mastercards and Gift cards! 1 December 17, 2019
V1.0.1 of our GUI wallet has been released 1 December 10, 2019
Constant and Zcoin will be hosting an AMA on Telegram @zcoinproject Dec 10 at 7 pm (GMT +7) 1 December 6, 2019
Version v0.13.8.8 has been released! (Mandatory Update) 1 December 3, 2019
The path to decentralizing Zcoin 2 November 28, 2019
Congratulation to all the winners of the NOWNodes and Zcoin competition. Enjoy your prizes! 1 November 25, 2019
Zcoin has been added to Bitladon allowing our European users to buy Zcoin $XZC directly with EUR via SEPA bank transfers (among others) 1 November 20, 2019
Watch an off the cuff interview with Altcoin Buzz with Zcoin's Reuben where he talks about Governments, Banks, Privacy coins, Farts, and all the good bad and ugly in the crypto space at Cointelegraph's Blockshow 2019 Singapore 1 November 20, 2019
We are happy to launch a beta release of our new wallet interface. We want to make using Zcoin a great experience, and our new wallet aims to do this along with encouraging users to use our Sigma privacy features 1 November 18, 2019
Zcoin $XZC is now available on Abra app for US customers which allows direct funding via US bank deposits and credit cards 1 November 15, 2019
Sandra Yap, Zcoin's Director of Partnerships and Media was featured on the cover of the November issue of the Block Journal 1 November 7, 2019
Zcoin partners with Hummingbot to enable Community Market Making 1 November 2, 2019